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**FOR CLIENTS (as of October 2020)**
  • Clients charged $9 USD technology fee, that covers 14 days of app use. This fee is ONLY charged after a client completes a call with the attorney, and is only charged ONCE during the 14 day period. Client can complete additional calls with attorneys but WILL NOT be charged an additional fee during that 14 day period.
  • Additional charges for attorney services may be charged as a per minute cost or flat-fee cost, depending on the specific attorneys charging option.
  • Credit card/debit card is required to complete payment for technology fee and payment to attorneys for their services rendered. A PayPal account isn’t required.
**FOR ATTORNEYS (as of October 2020)**
  • Individual attorneys charged $1.99 USD monthly advertising fee, which can be canceled at anytime.
  • For legal services provided to clients, attorneys can set whatever per minute or potential flat-fee rate they desire, by updating the cost in their profile.
  • For attorneys to receive their payments from clients, A PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED to receive client payment. For payment of the monthly fee, a credit/debit card or PayPal account may be used for this.

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