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How it works

For life’s planned or unexpected legal situations, Art app will be there for you via chat with a live attorney on call and avoid costly long term contracts and commitments. All you need to is log on to Art app, fill in the details and click on the legal issue you have been facing.

With the A.R.T. app, log on and have legal representation during any law enforcement interaction when you are detained and questioned, to fully retain your legal rights, where an attorney will speak on your behalf to the law enforcement official. Also, if you don’t want legal representation during an interaction of this kind, then just choose the legal monitoring feature on the app, where an attorney will monitor the law enforcement interaction for added assurance.

How Its work

Frustrated at times trying to search for an attorney to get legal advice/counseling, for business or personal issues you may be experiencing? Just log on to the A.R.T. app and find an attorney that is immediately available online to discuss your legal needs or just schedule a future video chat with an attorney

How Its work

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