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How it works?

Log on to the A.R.T. app, where a live attorney will appear by video chat to represent you for any law enforcement interaction or other legal advice/question/counseling. All you need to do is download the A.R.T. app and choose your category.

Find A Lawyer

Find A Lawyer

Find a lawyer on the go. Our app will connect you to the nearby lawyers locally and from around the world. You can have a video chat with them for your desired legal service.

Live Video Call

Live Video Call

Connect with the attorneys on the A.R.T. app on a live video call and let them handle your situation with expertise.

No Long Term Commitments

No Long Term Commitments

Be prepared for any of life’s planned or unexpected legal situations by via chat with a live attorney on call, and avoid costly and commitments with the art app. Just ‘pay-as-you-go’ with one of the A.R.T. app attorneys, without monthly or yearly service commitments or plans, to meet your legal needs.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Vehicle Stop By Law Enforcement
  • Non-Vehicle Law Enforcement Interaction
  • Traffic Accidents
  • Legal Advice/Questions
  • Home Searches/Raids By Law Enforcement
  • Child Protective Services Interaction
  • Incarcerated Persons
  • Tribal Law (Indigenous People)
  • Other Legal/Governmental Interaction
  • Border Patrol Interaction
  • Customs and Immigration Interaction

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